Attractive possibilitiesFerrite and magnetic material

some ferrite and magnetic materials can be machined well. The hard, brittle material, which can also be magnetised, is well suited to the manufacturing of structural components that combine the desired physical properties with mechanical stability. Components made from these materials can be transformed into individual geometries using appropriate processing techniques. The main applications for the materials are as passive components and sensors.

Materials that can be magnetised are used for passive components, such as coils and transformers in electronics, as well as for sensors in metrology and research and development. On top of this, the increasingly versatile use of electric motors is leading to the addition of more and more applications. We primarily work ferrites and magnetic materials with the mechanical process of ID sawing. As well as delivering great flexibility and speed, we also work in a way that is very gentle on the material – and hence cost effective for small and medium-sized series.

Application cases

  • Magnets for actuators and sensors



  • Materials that can be magnetised

  • Good machinability in part