Basis for optical applicationsSilicon components
(optics industry)

Optical elements made of high-purity, monocrystalline silicon are used in a wide range of industrial and scientific sectors. Optical-grade blanks are used, for example, to produce lenses, prisms, mirrors and other sophisticated optical components. Due to the relatively low density of the material, optical components made of silicon are particularly suitable for weight-sensitive applications.

Our silicon optical blanks, manufactured drawing on our vast experience, are suitable for applications in the IR-spectrum range. These include optics and optoelectronics, laser technology, aerospace, medical technology and research and development. For example, optical components made of silicon are used for sophisticated infrared applications at wavelengths between 1.2 and 7 μm – such as for infrared image processing and in IR spectroscopy. For the optical industry, we supply blanks for individual further processing.

Application cases

  • Lenses

  • Prisms

  • Mirrors

  • Optical components

Technical data

Workpiece dimensions Diameter (Ø): >300 mm


Measurements (□): max. 210×210 mm
  Thickness: 1 mm – >100 mm
Resistivity p-type: >30 ·cm (optical grade)
  n-type: >10 ·cm (optical grade)
  Crystal orientation: <100> & <111>