Research and development

The broad field of research and development poses special challenges both in terms of the geometries used and the sometimes exotic materials. Depending on the application, the installed parts might have to withstand particularly high differences in temperature and pressure or extreme mechanical stress, for example. The invariably individual one-off products are tailor-made according to the customer’s requirements.


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Be it in industrial research and development or in basic science research: The prototypes, experimental designs or test batches required for experiments, tests and approval procedures are not available “off the shelf”, instead having to be manufactured individually and in accordance with the application. Applying our vast experience and expertise, we build your prototypes, manufacture the parts required for them or produce the necessary test batches. On request, we can also support your work by preparing Si crystal samples and taking care of other necessary partial services. Our focus is on working with silicon, quartz glass and ceramics, as well as nitrides and borides. We also accompany research projects over the long term on their journey from theory to practice.