Optimised processes for higher material efficiency and quality of surface finishBandsawing

Bandsawing is particularly suitable for cutting and portioning large-scale block material and semi-finished products made of hard and brittle materials, such as silicon, ceramics and glass. As an established standard method, bandsawing, alongside peripheral (OD) sawing, permits a high degree of cost-effectiveness by coupling high speed with corresponding precision. Examples of typical applications are the portioning and bricking of multicrystalline silicon or the cropping and squaring of monocrystalline silicon.

CNC bandsawing of hard and brittle materials is considered to be a particularly cost-effective method of cutting. It ensures particularly high repeat accuracy with low loss of material, contributing to cost-effective serial production. We offer particularly cost-effective bandsawing – and the possibility of additional precision: Depending on the requirements, we work, for example, with special diamond saw blades in combination with optimised cooling. The result: the ultimate in cutting quality, enabling us to create the ideal conditions for successful, cost-effective machining.


  • High cost-effectiveness

  • High speeds

  • Rather more rough cut (other methods are more precise)

Technical data

  • Workpiece dimensions:

    • Diameter, circular (Ø): Ø 700×800 mm

    • Measurements, square (□): max. 850×850×700 mm (up to G5)

    • Cuts: to <5 mm

  • Capacity

    • Batch sizes: One-off to series cuts