Accurate to the millimetreCreep-feed grinding

Creep-feed grinding is a grinding process with a higher cutting depth and a larger degree of material removal. This makes it particularly suitable for profiling workpieces (CNC profile grinding) made of hard and brittle materials – with a high level of repeat accuracy. The higher removal rate means that profiles and grooves in workpieces can be produced very efficiently and therefore extremely cost-effectively – with consistently high accuracy to shape and a high degree of surface quality.

The specific characteristics and material properties of hard and brittle materials, such as silicon, silicon carbide, various types of glass and ceramics, have to be taken into account, especially in creep-feed grinding with its associated higher removal rate, so as to prevent damage to the workpiece and its surface and to achieve the desired surface finish. This requires experience with the materials, processes tailored to them, and suitable equipment. In addition, other parameters, such as feed and cutting depth, also have to be set in accordance with the material properties and the application requirements. As a specialist service provider for the machining of hard and brittle materials, we have the necessary experience and the corresponding machinery.


  • Creation of profiles and grooves

  • Cost-effective method for applications with high material removal

  • High level of repeat accuracy

Technical data

  • Traversing ranges: (x,y,z) 1,000×450×240 mm