Semiconductor industry

A wide range of sophisticated specialist materials exists for technical applications in the semiconductor industry with its high standards of material quality and purity. Besides regular silicon, hard, brittle materials such as quartz glass, silicon carbide or various special ceramics are also machined. Depending on the material, it is important to optimally utilise the specific properties of the material in question in the further processing – both technologically and in terms of cost-effectiveness. At the same time, the competitive pressure and relatively short innovation cycles in this high-tech industry demand a high degree of flexibility.


FST meets the various requirements of the semiconductor industry. With vast experience and flexibility, we manufacture a wide range of structural components from high-purity special materials for the industry’s production processes. In doing so, we also make sophisticated, complex geometries achievable. All the parts we manufacture – including such varied process equipment as wafer carriers, diffusion tubes, internal assemblies for reactors or individual test components for prototypes – set themselves apart through their high precision and dimensional stability. This means you benefit from consistent quality for correspondingly reliable and cost-effective components. As far as possible, our specialists also carry out the professional repair of defective silicon or silicon-carbide assemblies.