Lots of precision, even more possibilitiesMilling/Machining

Digital accuracy and virtually infinitely repeatable precision: CNC milling makes it possible. Computer-controlled milling machines, in 3-axis or 4-axis versions, permit a wide range of workpiece geometries and shapes. At the same time, the extremely precise CNC milling machines are characterised by high speeds and hence maximum cost-effectiveness. Some machines can accommodate and process very large workpieces, which calls for corresponding stability and precision of all moving parts.

CNC milling is the ideal solution wherever special-geometry workpieces need to be shaped. With our modern machinery, we combine maximum accuracy and power with almost limitless possibilities for movement of the actual milling tools. This enables us to bring even such delicate materials as silicon, silicon carbide, glass (SiO₂, Borofloat) and ceramics into (almost) any desired shape and geometry. Depending on the requirement profile, we select the perfectly suited machines and offer traversing ranges of up to 2,500 mm. Our experienced specialists work for customers from the fields of photovoltaics, optics and optoelectronics, the coating industry, medical technology, semiconductor technology, process technology and metrology, as well as for a wide range of clients in the research and development field.


  • Suitable for many materials

  • Also for large-scale workpieces

  • Cost-effective and precise machining

  • Complex geometries and shapes possible

Technical data

  • Traversing ranges: 2,500×500×650 mm