Clear and distinctLaser marking

Precise, individual and easy to read – laser marking has become an indispensable part of industrial life as we know it today. The engravings are applied by roughening the surface in the shape of the desired serial numbers, letters, logos, etc., with virtually no loss of material and without compromising the integrity of the workpiece. These markings are indelible and unreservedly more individualised, making them suitable, for example, for environments with severe exposure to process atmospheres or mechanical influences.

We can carry out a wide range of laser markings for you – from one-off items to series production. We apply your serial numbers, logos, technical names and much more to each individual component – quickly, accurately and cost-effectively. The details you request can be applied in a 70×70 mm field to virtually any hard, brittle material such as silicon, silicon carbide or ceramics. We perform laser marking for a wide range of customers in the optics and optoelectronics sector, the coating industry, the medical technology and semiconductor technology sectors, and for clients in research and development.


  • Indelible marking

  • Gentle on the material

  • Very cost effective

  • Highly customisable

Technical data

  • Marking field: 70×70 mm (height×width)