Classically effectiveDrilling

The conventional mechanical process of drilling is suitable, among other things, for the manufacturing of drilling cores, i.e., rods and bars made of hard, brittle materials. For the drilling process, the drilling tool and the material to be drilled must be particularly well matched. Besides the material thickness, important parameters include the drilling speed to be used, the rotational speed and the temperatures resulting from friction.

When drilling, we work with great precision and experience, enabling us to ensure that the workpiece, tool and achievable speed are optimally matched for each job – a combination that brings our customers maximum cost-effectiveness. In this way, we produce, among other things, bars and rods, as well as tubes for sputtering targets and workpieces according to individual requirements. With immense experience and skill, our specialists machine such varied materials as silicon, silicon carbide, glass (SiO₂, Borofloat) and a range of ceramics. Our customers come from a wide range of industries, including optics and optoelectronics, the coating industry, medical technology, semiconductor technology, process technology, metrology and research and development.


  • Important manufacturing process

  • Mature and cost-effective method

  • Up to 200 mm diameter

Technical data

  • Bore diameter: <1 mm to >200 mm