Optics and optoelectronics

Particularly high demands are placed on materials for optics and optoelectronics. Even the smallest discrepancies impair the precision of optical components, and so, besides good optical properties as standard, a high degree of dimensional stability and an equally high quality of surface finish of the individual components are decisive for the quality of the future products. Great precision throughout entire manufacturing processes is consequently considered indispensable to success.

From aerospace to industrial and medical applications, right through to research and development: The field of optics and optoelectronics is as vast as the variety of components used. It includes a wide variety of lenses, prisms and mirrors as well as special – and usually custom-made – optical components. In particular using monocrystalline silicon, we produce the one-off parts you need as well as qualification batches. We are also your partner for cost-effective serial production, with a high degree of precision and flexibility. With vast experience in dealing with hard, brittle materials, we ensure that every single part meets even strict quality standards.