Two products, a multitude of applicationsPVD coating materials
(Si, SiO₂)

For your special PVD coatings, we offer both high-purity elemental silicon (Si) – in cut or crushed form – and silica as high-purity quartz (SiO₂), crushed and with amorphous or crystalline structure.

Cut or crushed, mono- or multicrystalline: High-purity silicon (Si) is applied in various forms, especially in industry. It is used to coat a wide variety of materials in order to optimise their material properties and produce functional layers. It features primarily in photovoltaics, optics and optoelectronics, semiconductor technology, sheet-glass production and the entire spectrum of research and development. We offer high-purity silicon with purity of at least 4N, cleaned and etched on request.

Crushed amorphous or crystalline: High-purity quartz glass (SiO₂) is used as a raw material for special coatings in optics and optoelectronics, semiconductor technology, flat glass production and in research and development. Our SiO₂ is available with purity of at least 5N – sieved and fractionated.

Technical data

Silicon (Si) Purity: min. 4N
  Dopant: Boron (p-type)
  Resistivity: 0.01–3 ·cm
  Preparation: sieved and fractionated
Silicon (SiO₂) Purity: min. 5N
  Preparation: sieved and fractionated