Precise and cost effectiveExternal cylindrical grinding

External cylindrical grinding is used for shaping with simultaneously high-quality surface finish of rotationally symmetrical workpieces made of hard and brittle materials, such as silicon, silicon carbide, types of glass such as SiO₂ and Borofloat, and various ceramics. It is suitable both for small and large-scale workpieces. Modern cycle control means that geometries similar to those of turning can also be achieved with external cylindrical grinding – in a way that is as cost effective as it is precise.

The external cylindrical grinding method is particularly efficient for producing rotationally symmetrical parts from materials that are difficult to machine. It makes it possible to manufacture workpieces such as lens blanks, tube targets or seed crystals, for example. External cylindrical grinding replaces the customary turning process – a method that is virtually impossible to use for machining special materials of this kind due to both the tool and the material.

We carry out cylindrical grinding of workpieces made from a wide variety of hard, brittle materials. The resulting components are used in the fields of optics and optoelectronics, laser technology, infrared technology, the basic materials industry, process technology, aerospace, medical technology, semiconductor technology and in research and development, among others.


  • Precise machining of hard, brittle materials

  • For small- and large-scale rotationally symmetrical workpieces

  • Cost-effective method

  • Workpiece max. length 3,000 mm

Technical data

  • Workpiece dimensions:

    • Measurements: max. Ø 340×1,500 mm

    • Measurements: max. Ø 500×3, 000 mm