Good for (almost) anythingBorosilicate glass

As a material that is extremely resistant to chemicals and temperatures, borosilicate glass is used in particular in manufacturing structural components for chemical plant engineering and process technology, in the primary industries and in research and development. As well as being highly resistant to most process atmospheres, it is also very insensitive to sudden changes in temperature and expands only very slightly.


For the application of borosilicate glass in chemical equipment, glassware and much more, we process the material with all common mechanical methods – even on a large scale. To do this we use the entire spectrum of proven cutting techniques such as ID sawing, bandsawing, peripheral (OD) sawing, rotary sawing, surface or plane grinding, external and internal cylindrical grinding, precision surface grinding, creep-feed or profile grinding, 3- and 4-axis CNC machining and drilling.

Application cases

  • Chemical equipment and glassware

  • Structural components



  • Good resistance to heat and a variety of process atmospheres

  • Very good machinability