About us

FST is located in the business park “Schwarze Kiefern” in direct connection to the University City Freiberg. We are a young team. The mechanical machining of silicon and other hard and brittle materials is our competence. To this classic orientation complete areas of the thin-film technology such as Life Science and Green Energy Technology.

The processing of hard and brittle materials with diamond equipped tools contained at FST GmbH:

  • Silicon: Targets, wafer
  • Glasses: Quartz/silicon dioxide (SiO2),other glasses
  • Ceramic: Alumina (Al2O3), zirconium dioxide (ZrO2), composite ceramics
  • Piezoelectric materials, composite materials
  • Magnetic materials, ferrites

The design variety reaches of simple forms to geometrically effortful special moldings. An extensive service is offered by the individual product over small and middle series up to large quantities for industry as well as research and development.